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    After 6 years aboard our Narrowboat Matilda Rose in the UK, we took the plunge and shipped her across to Europe. After 2 years in Europe we knew we didn't want to return to the UK so took the plunge and purchased a 1902 20 mtr Dutch Tjalk called Francoise and are now continuing our travels of the waterways of Europe in a buxom wench

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Hooligans and vets

Posted by contentedsouls on 01/10/2014

I’m not sure where to start on this one really! We moored up at Pompey and were greeted by Austin and Suzy – an Aussie couple (they get everywhere these Aussies) who took our ropes. There were a number of teenagers lurking on the pontoon and they seemed pretty good natured when we chatted to them but we were more than a bit apprehensive about leaving the boat unattended. You don’t want to label every teenager between 14 and 18 as ‘baddies’. Coincidentally Austin and Suzy left their boat at exactly the same time and, when they crossed the bridge, spotted the kids clambering on their boat. They hastily returned to the boats and found that they had prised the window off of the back of their boat and were sat, looking innocent, saying that there had been a thief! No harm done though and we reported the incident to the Marie’s office, who directed us to the Municipal Police, who directed us to the Gendarmerie. We had taken photographs of the kids concerned and we e-mailed them and the info through.

We later discovered, via our other Aussie mates Peter and Jo, that some friends of theirs had their computer nicked from this location a few weeks earlier. C’est la vie. Said mates turned up with their English mate Trev at lunchtime on their way through to Nancy – whilst we waived them off (a way too short visit) Baxter demolished the remains of the fig tarte tatin – little bugger!

14-09-25 1279914-09-25 1280314-09-25 12825

So we moved on and moored up at Chaudeney sur Moselle. We wanted a nice quiet rural weekend and we found this little hole – it was a bit of a squeeze but we shoved our way in!

14-09-27 1285114-09-27 1285214-09-27 1285314-09-27 12857

Just before G served up Sunday lunch, the fishermen from a more spacious gap packed up and went home so we decided to move up into the idyllic gap. Had a splendid lunch and then pulled the chairs out to toast in the sun on the bank. Then Muttley dived onto some bait that the fisherman had left behind and swallowed a dirty great hook. I accosted some passing dog walkers who drove G and Muttley to the vet in Toul and then, when they couldn’t sort it, a vet back in Nancy – two anaesthetics, which is seriously bad news as both our dogs (it must be hereditary) have an allergy to anaesthesia which stops their hearts beating. All was well in the end and Muttley spent the night there after they successfully removed the hook from his throat (Baxter spent the night in our bed with Daisy as G didn’t think he should be left on his own in the saloon!).

14-10-01 12906

Lovely, lovely French couple who were so kind to us. We’ve done our best to say thank you – but that’s another story!

10 Responses to “Hooligans and vets”

  1. Kevin TOO said

    Poor Muttley, a close call by the sound of it, bloody fishermen… grrrr 😦
    So glad to hear that he managed to come through his ordeal OK though 🙂

    Sorry but I can’t blame Baxter for scoffing the fig tart, I would too if tempted… LOL
    I don’t think that was very fair of you making him sleep with Daisy though 😉


  2. suenp said

    Bloomin fishermen. I am sure most are OK but some are darn right dreadful. They are suppose to be conservationists! Glad that Mutley came through that it could have been very different if he had swallowed it. It just goes to show whatever is going on in the world Jill that there are still proper human beings left who prove that we can all live together and help each other.. xx


  3. suenp said

    Blimey, that hook looks barbed! 😦


    • Yeah, the hook was barbed Sue – it was stuck into the back of his esophagus; so glad it didn’t go any further down. He’s got to stop being such a Labrador – he’s 16.5 kilos now.


  4. Anja said

    Hi Jill, now I lost the comment I wrote for the second time….so sorry! Just wanted to let you know that we will leave tomorrow for another four days on the boat – we are happy. Still following your blog an loving it! I am thinking of you and wish you the very best! Love Anja


  5. Simon H said

    Oh Dear, Merde! Happier times ahead I hope.


  6. Alistair said

    Poor old Mutley! Will he learn from this and stop stealing food? Daft question – he’s a dog! Don’t suppose Daisy would do anything as stupid…?!!


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