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Cusey to Saint Seine sur Vingeanne Weds 30/9

Posted by contentedsouls on 04/10/2015

7 locks, 14 km

The pounds are longer on this stretch (which means Muttley and I can’t keep up with the boat), so we opted for method ‘C’. Method C involves G setting off on the boat and lifting the rods as he goes, whilst I drive the car down to the day’s destination and then walk back to meet him. In theory, he should only have to do the first 2 or 3 locks before I re-join him but theory and practice are rarely the same things.

We crossed into Burgundy after 5 km and the canal followed the route of the River Vingeanne which meanders alongside. It was another sunny day producing sparkles on the surface of the shallow river as I drove through the pretty villages built on either side. This is how I imagined France would be when we first started planning this adventure. I had to stop in most of the villages as photographs needed to be taken and people were very curious about the presence of a stranger. I was also trying to find a restaurant as Debbie and Kevin were visiting the following day. I found one in Montigny and stopped to chat to the proprietor about dinner for 4 the following evening – sadly he wasn’t going to be open Thursday night. That was the only ‘commercial’ place I saw; no boulangerie, hairdresser, bar/tabac – not even a chemist.


With all the distractions, Muttley and I only managed to walk for 1.40 mins and pass one lock before MR came around the corner and picked us up. In my absence, G had found a new bed on the boat for Muttley – very happy with it he was too! Even happier when I got back on board and provided him with a chin rest.


Once moored up it was time to drive to Fontaine-Francaise, the nearest town of any size. It did manage a boulangerie, chemist and one restaurant; but the latter only opened on Fridays and Saturdays. We did, however, find a tiny store which offered some fresh meat; namely one lump of pork, one of turkey and 2 pork chops. It also had a load of moules, prawns and salmon in a freezer but we weren’t aloud to touch those as they were all reserved and had peoples’ names on them.The town also sported a smart chateau on the lake.


The gang turned up Thursday afternoon with young Herbie being the first to land in the boat and we all quickly settled down for a late night/early morning. It’s a great mooring for all the animals with a grassy area, woodland and no through traffic.


We muddled through Thursday night with the lump of turkey and went out to lunch on Friday, but Debs and I ended up with a rather nasty condition.

P1100378 - CopyP1100379 - Copy

You know the one …… pudding belly!


All good things must come to an end though, and they had to head off at tea time as they had a 4 o’clock ferry to catch on Saturday and they wanted to split up the long drive overnight.

Great to see you guys, as always – see you in the spring.

4 Responses to “Cusey to Saint Seine sur Vingeanne Weds 30/9”

  1. andywindy said

    Thanks for another informative blog, that really does seem to be the area that commerce forgot! I presume the locals have to plan their meals and shopping far in advance. Thanks for the pictures of Kev and Debbie, they both look well and I do miss Kevin’s blog posts though if you dry up then maybe its better to not post. Are you and Debbie taking some Elixir of youth? each picture of either of you this Year seems to show you as younger! Are you sisters? the ‘Pudding belly’ pic sure looks like it! and No, I’m not creeping, if I thought either of you looked older I’d tell you! (I work with and for Ladies every day and am always brutally honest, sometimes I choose to keep quiet though!)


    • Bless you. Debs always looks fabulous and I think the extra weight I’m gaining is smoothing out the wrinkles a bit!
      We’ve had a bad week for internet signal again in this very rural environment, so I’m playing ‘catch up again’ which I hate. Now down on the mighty River Saone.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. kwade said

    Hello Andy

    I haven’t dried up so much as I thought what I wrote was boring. Debs seemed much more interesting so I left it to her. I tend to get too much into technical detail . It was boring
    me. I might start again next year. I will doing work on the boat ovewr the winter so the build blog will get updated.


    • andywindy said

      Kev, Well I didn’t find any of your posts boring, but maybe that’s the anorak in me. I certainly agree about Debbie’s blogs though, She does have a flair for Blogging, and it’s always a pleasure to find a new post as with Jill MR and Sue NP. Will look forward to any that you post on the build blog.


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