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    After 6 years aboard our Narrowboat Matilda Rose in the UK, we took the plunge and shipped her across to Europe. After 2 years in Europe we knew we didn't want to return to the UK so took the plunge and purchased a 1902 20 mtr Dutch Tjalk called Francoise and are now continuing our travels of the waterways of Europe in a buxom wench

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Genelard to Paray-le-Monial

Posted by contentedsouls on 09/02/2016

8 locks, 20 kms, 4 hours

A really lovely cruise with no problems at any of the locks – a shame that all the original lock cottages were derelict though. We moored next to a great big park, on the other side of which is the beautiful little town, in light rain. After a late lunch on board, I couldn’t resist venturing out with Muttley to explore even though it was raining and getting dark. The internet informed us that it would be market day in the morning, so we needed to be up early to get everything done before 12 o’clock closing.


Our first port of call in the morning was the local kitchen shop where Madame was clearly bored and settled down for a good natter with G whilst I had a look round. She filled him in with all the essential info regarding the best butcher on the market and which speciality sausages to buy – bourdin noir evidently (only tried the bourdin blanc so far – but I’m not a sausage fan). I ended up having to rescue G from the conversation or the market would have been closed; but not before he bought an essential piece of kit for his new hobby – next stop snorkel shop.


Our first stop at the market was the stall selling Italian produce and I wanted a few sun dried tomatoes – I always struggle with the weight of stuff (I had just the same problem in the UK) and don’t know how much what I want weighs; G asked him for 4 – all I wanted – which sent him into paroxysms of laughter. He supplied the 4 and wouldn’t charge me – once I’d tried them I wished I’d bought half a kilo!

Next we hit the fruit and veg where the stall holder rejoiced in shouting out the names of my purchases in English as he weighed them, whilst we shouted them out in French. By the time he announced that our bill came to, “4 shillings and 3 pence” we had a well entertained audience gathered round. By the time we reached the butcher our reputation had arrived before us so we were in for a bit more stick …….. and no, I didn’t try the black bourdin for fear it might be like black pudding.

After all this merriment G decided it was time for a beer, but I wanted to go to the little supermarket first in case it closed for lunch – G thought this also was hilarious as the store was one of the, ‘8 a Huit’ chain. We had a beer and then discovered that the 8’til late was, in fact, closed from 12 until 2.30!!!! So we returned home for lunch and I walked Muttley again before traipsing back into town to fetch the shopping – it’s not fair (she whined); I should only weigh about 7 stone with all this walking and humping shopping about!

This occupants of this town would appear to be supplied with regular prescriptions of happy pills; when I asked for bouillon in the store, she looked at me blankly. I repeated, ‘bouillon’. A sudden look of understanding ‘ah…bouillon’, she said. I replied in my best (and well rehearsed) French, ‘isn’t that what I just said?’. She looked at me with a big smile and said, ‘non’.

Sadly, the man in the Desigual shop hadn’t been taking his prescription – I spied a rather nice jacket/cardigan type top which was half price at 87.50 euros but he wouldn’t take a card – only cash or cheque. Cheques are, probably, the most common means of payment here still, but we don’t have a cheque book with our French bank account so I dug out what was in my purse, plus my emergency beer money from the bottom of my spec case, plus the crisis money tucked into my secret (don’t tell G) pocket and finally mustered 85 euros. He still wasn’t letting go of ‘my’ jacket and I had to sift through my last 2 and 1 centime coins to raise the last 2.50 before he would relinquish it – there was a point when I thought he might hold me upside down by my ankles and shake me. I could, of course, have exacted my revenge by not producing the last 50 centimes and walking away but I needed that jacket. We had two days of sunshine here – what a delightful place and perfect for the rest of the crew too – even Baxter enjoyed a roll in the sun and was seen to break into a canter.

That goose wasn’t very impressed with G’s presence though!


Probably too many photos again – loved this place


16 Responses to “Genelard to Paray-le-Monial”

  1. andywindy said

    £71.13 for a glorified Cardigan? blimey we can tell your a Girl! I know I’m tight AND Male, but I wouldn’t consider paying that! But then I wouldn’t expect you to wear what I do either.
    Never too many photos! another pretty town, are you sure you don’t provide pictures for the French tourist board?
    Should have got your own back on the fruit and veg stallholder and given them the 21p!
    And… if Graham wasn’t so busy having a Gander at the local Fowl, he could have gone back to the 8to8 and got the shopping for you!
    Ok I’m going now before you both come looking for me!

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    • It’s Debbie Wade’s fault – she introduced me to a shop brand that does lovely colourful clothes – sadly they are expensive, but it doesn’t count if there is a sale on! I have a big wardrobe on Francoise which isn’t even half full; I bought new overalls too!!!
      I saved loads of money because I only paid 21p for all my veg.
      G’s rucksack was still empty when he was goosed – his knees aren’t up to a second trip anymore – if he was a horse he’d be shot!

      Liked by 1 person

      • andywindy said

        I must admit that I can imagine Debbie being an influence in the clothing selection, Ooh that’s a point, I was under the impression that Kevin was going to Avalon to carry out some work this winter and very strongly hinted tat he would Blog on Avalon’s build blog when he did. Not seen any fresh activity on any of their 3 Blogs for Avalon so I wonder if he’s building that Wardrobe Butty I suggested?
        I must admit that when in France Debbie has shown us of some lovely clothes that she has bought, maybe by the end of the Summer we’ll have a fashion show from you both! Can’t beat a good pair of overalls and if you have room in your wardrobe then good quality pretty clothes won’t get so creased? (or the wardrobe may cry, you decide.)

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  2. Kevin TOO said

    Excellent photos again Jill, but don’t you ever have anything without clear blue skies and sunshine?? LOL

    Love the ‘stand-off’ between Graham & the Goose… “who you lookin’ at then?”

    Note to Andywindy, please remember that Jill has a big posh boat, and attends so many social functions now, so no more TKMaxxx for her… any excuse etc, etc… 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    • I don’t think I’ve taken any photos for the last two days as my camera would have been deluged and/or blown out of my hand, sun is shining again this morning though. There was a whole gaggle of geese but it was just that one that took a dislike to G

      Francoise is big, but not posh like NPXL will be – more a stately lady. You’re not wrong about the social functions in the Port of Roanne though. In case you and Andy W think I’m morphing into someone else; I also bought a new pair of overalls for all the cleaning and tidying to be done on MR. Debbie Wade is responsible for my moments of clothes madness – they don’t happen often though.

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      • andywindy said

        NPXL may well be going to be luxorious (She ain’t going to Sea so she can’t be called Posh, think about it) but Francoise is Genteel and sophisticated, both families are having quite a step up in accomodation and I am chuffed for you both. I don’t know how Sue thinks about awarding me the prize for a name for Her new home only for me to shorten it in every comment since! hope you don’t mind too much Sue (Yes I know you’ll read this).
        I don’t think you’re morphing into someone else Jill, I don’t think Graham would let you!


      • suenp said

        Posh? Luxurious? Well if it is when it is delivered it wont be for long once I have delivered the girls to the boat!

        NPXL just takes a little longer to type out Andy but apart from that it’s fine!

        Love the new jacket Jill btw!


      • That isn’t the new jacket Sue – that one came from the station shop at Ely on the Ouse – that first time we met and then you got stuck for ages


    • andywindy said

      TKMaxx? and there was I thinking Jill was at least a Next and Marks’s girl, mind you, as long as She’s not too upmarket to Blog we’ll still be here, Eh Kevin?


  3. suenp said

    Just YOU Jill, Just Brill! =D


  4. Brilliant pictures Jill, never too many!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. We must find that market when we are there in April


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