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    After 6 years aboard our Narrowboat Matilda Rose in the UK, we took the plunge and shipped her across to Europe. After 2 years in Europe we knew we didn't want to return to the UK so took the plunge and purchased a 1902 20 mtr Dutch Tjalk called Francoise and are now continuing our travels of the waterways of Europe in a buxom wench

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The long and the short of it …. this is not a happy blog

Posted by contentedsouls on 12/01/2017

All is not as it should be on the good ship Francoise, but I am being gently nagged back into blogging and desperate to get back into some semblance of normal. we never did manage to complete that missing bit of the loop down to Montargis. Back on canals the weather forecast was showing lots of minuses and we were concerned we would get stuck in the ice and not be able to pick up Sue and Vic from Nemours on 15th December, so we chickened out and headed back to Nemours. The plan then was to cruise them into a marina just outside Paris for the 21st before joining Voirrey and Andy on Bella Fortuna for Christmas and New Year.

Then I got out of bed and my back went ….. quite spectacularly frozen at the end of the bed and couldn’t move in either direction. G my Superhero set off to the local friendly English speaking lady at the Boulangerie in the hope that we could get to her Doctor for anti-spasm stuff but had no joy – a lovely man in the queue recommended a new lady doctor who had just opened up a new practice. I had one last emergency anti-spasm pill that got me there. Sorted! Trouble is, the plethora of pills wipe me out and demolish my appetite.

We thought we’d lurk there until time to pick up Sue and Vic and, whilst there, had a phone call from Kevin and Debs who were in Paris for the weekend and came to join us for the day on Sunday (there is some good news) who we tried to feed with the most expensive inedible chicken you have ever met. Whilst they were with us we had a phone call from Sue saying they couldn’t come because her passport would expire before their return ….. ooops!

So we lurked for a few more days before heading to our marina just outside Paris and a dinner date on the 21st. Voirrey was there to help us tie up and we had a fabulous evening – Voirrey and Andy are both amazing cooks. Then my back went again and I ended up on the floor of their boat whilst G trotted back to get the anti-spasm pills. So bloody embarrassing when you’ve only met a few times. To be continued ……..



Nice to have a little chateau with your Christmas market

P1190085 - CopyP1190164 - Copy

14 Responses to “The long and the short of it …. this is not a happy blog”

  1. kwade said

    Refreshing to see that it’s not always a rosy way of life. Still the downs make the ups even better. Chin up. A


  2. Kevin TOO said

    So sorry to hear about your dodgy back… but is it any wonder when you are riding that bike, the angles are all wrong and you’ll catch your death of a cold if you don’t put some meat on them bones gal! 🙂

    Here’s to a better 2017… and more regular blogs (apology accepted), you could always train-up Graham to be an ’emergency blogger’ LOL

    Excellent photos yet again, very arty indeed, but so strange that the market was deserted though.

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    • 2017 got worse …. part 2 to follow!!!!!
      I haven’t been on that bike in weeks – I don’t trust this new fangled technology and G refuses point blank to walk in front of me with a flag.

      the market didn’t actually open for another hour although it never did get busy.

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  3. Carol said

    Good to see you blogging again Jill and we hope that back is feeling stronger soon. Great pics! xx

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  4. vallypee said

    Oh dear!! I had no idea you had a bad back, Jill…so sorry to hear it got you again. Hoping all is coming right now!

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  5. ianmccauley2014 said

    Ugh, that’s rotten.

    Please don’t give up writing though – can’t G rig up some frame to hold the tablet over you so you can type flat on your back?

    I’ve just reviewed a book about continuous cruising in the UK – we need you to pen one for France!

    GWS I & L

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  6. andywindy said

    Firstly, Thank You for Posting again, especially when in pain!
    So Sorry to hear You’re suffering with Your Back again, that must be worrying both for access on and off Francoise and with any Language difficulties in times of pain.. I’ve been lucky with my Back, some bad times, yes but overall very lucky.
    I was very surprised that Sue had made a miscalculation with Her passport, anyone would think that She and Vic have had a busy Year as well?
    You must wonder just who you upset so much in a former life so much that they come back and interfere with your dreams with a vengeance! I’m wondering just what you did to them and moderating my remarks with an eye on the future HeHe,

    I like the pics again, three in particular. The one showing the full length of your beautiful floating home, the one of the cottage with the pessimistic mounting of a Propellor half way up the wall (a descendent of Noah maybe?) and the one of the semi-submersible boats… What is it with some boat owners that rather than pull them out of the water they let them fill with water and sink? Such a waste!
    Oh, and you’re right about the Chateau, it makes a lovely backdrop!


    • Thanks for the sympathy.
      Regarding Sue and Vic, as it’s turned out, it might turn out to be better in the long term – for us anyway (she said selfishly). They’ll be out in February now which will break up the winter for us. I know the days get longer by then, but I always think February is such a dismal month; it always seems to consist of grey skies and nothingness. So now we have their visit to look forward to

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      • andywindy said

        Nothing selfish about wanting to have long term & close friends coming to stay in the quiet months.
        Mind you, using the excuse of ‘keeping up with the Budds’ and buying another boat was a bit lame for not coming to meet Francoise and now they’ve got their water filtration system from Kevin W. they may only be coming to see what other ideas they can copy? (YES I know you’re reading this Sue, and I AM ducking as I post it).
        Seriously though, I know how much you are both looking forward to meeting up again, and I bet Sue is itching to get Her hands on that indoor Wheel of Yours.

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  7. yellow Gold

    The long and the short of it …. this is not a happy blog « contentedsouls


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