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    After 6 years aboard our Narrowboat Matilda Rose in the UK, we took the plunge and shipped her across to Europe. After 2 years in Europe we knew we didn't want to return to the UK so took the plunge and purchased a 1902 20 mtr Dutch Tjalk called Francoise and are now continuing our travels of the waterways of Europe in a buxom wench

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Settling in on NoProblemXL and her owners’ return

Posted by contentedsouls on 12/02/2018

Although we’d been down to see Sue & Vic for an overnighter, this was a good week for them to come up for a few days and have a bit of R & R in the soothing environs of their own watery home – despite the fact that she can’t find anything in the galley as I’ve re-arranged it to suit my cooking style!

On Sunday we were all looking forward to a pint and a Sunday roast at the local (G and I had had a superb meal when we ate up there with Gill and John last week). Sadly it was an almighty let down – started with an ‘off’ pint of Doombar and deteriorated from there with totally raw parsnips and cabbage and a ropey old piece of tough beef. The waitresses appalling attitude to our polite complaint only served to p us off even more! As Sue said, if it wasn’t her local she would have refused to pay. I escalated it to the manageress and she knocked 25% off of the bill, but it was poor compensation. Hey ho, you can’t win them all and the company was first class as always.


Meanwhile I’ve been enjoying sunny skies, the local scenery and the splendid sunsets in between the ridiculous amount of appointments for our MOTs. I now, of course, have had a couple of pints of Doombar, fish and chips and M&S Chinese ‘take away’ – I love their Chinese crispy lemon chicken; the last time I had any was when Vos and I went to M&S in Paris.


So far, apart from Sue & Vic, we have only caught up with loads of friends that we met in France, all of whom are back in the UK at the moment for a variety of reasons. Next week our MOT appointments start to ease off and we can catch up with some of our British mates.

Meg, Penny, Muttley and Baxter have been as good as gold together and Muttley really enjoys Penny’s company on walks – he can still keep up with her for an hour or so, despite the fact that he’ll be eleven this year.


Still bemused by the amazing array of towns and shops within a short drive from here; I’m really not used to it and the local availability of just about anything you want is a delight.

6 Responses to “Settling in on NoProblemXL and her owners’ return”

  1. Kevin TOO said

    A poorly cooked meal is one thing but if it’s defended by staff and not properly recognised & recompensed is totally another. As for serving ‘off’ beer, well there is no excuse at all for that! I (probably for the first time ever) disagree with Sue, for me that would either mean I never went there again or I tore them off a good strip in public!! If you are making a living from cooking food and pulling pints you should have some care for your paying customers… 😉

    On a happier note I see that the K9s look like they’re all having plenty of fun 🙂 It’s a dogs life for some… LOL

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  2. andywindy said

    Yay, You’ve got WiFi now! No excuses, we want lots of pics etc.
    There’s a musical Group down Here called ‘The Three Daft Monkeys’ Just saying…

    Not taking responsibility for the Dom Bar, only the bottled kind is actually made down here, the Draught is from Burton on Trent, Long way from Rock and the Camel estuary!

    The reaction to a poorly cooked and presented meal is nothing short of disgusting, there is no excuse for this, especially for a Sunday Roast.
    Condescending to allow ONE of Four to have a free meal is disgusting service, they should have cancelled the whole bill, that is what Little Chef did once for the Five of us after I passed a small polite comment about the Egg Whites being a bit runny in my Breakfast once, ( when the waitress asked if everything had been ok with our meal) I’d just driven 140 miles and it was 9 am, the rest of the Families meals were absolutely fine.

    Most Dogs I know would have gone totally Mad at returning home and finding somebody else living there! Muttley is doing well to keep up with Penny, She and Meg must be totally confused right now as to where they live!

    Do you know roughly how long you will be over here, or is it all a bit up in the air?


    • It’s the presence of Daisy in their home that’s causing total confusion. Meg has been as good as gold and given her a pretty wide berth, but Penny is obsessed; her gaze follows Daisy everywhere and her body is rigid as she strains to watch her every move – even around corners. It provides the nasty humans with endless hours of amusement!

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  3. vallypee said

    I wonder why the pub had such an off day. That’ s a real shame, isn’t it? Sounds as if you are enjoying being back in the UK for a spell anyway, and it’s good to see Sue with a smile!

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