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Brains, hearts and hill climbs

Posted by contentedsouls on 04/05/2018

Wednesday was a return visit to neurology for my brain CT and CT angio results – contrary to the opinions of both G and close friends’ I do, indeed, have a brain and it is ‘normal’. Here’s a picture to prove it.


Whilst it is very re-assuring to know that my blackouts are not being caused by any nasties lurking in my head, I would very much like to know what has been causing them so cardiology (seen last Monday) has fitted me up with wires. The nice wire fitting man did suggest I lose the rucksack and tuck the wires into my trousers before going out in public in order to avoid attracting unwanted attention from armed police and sniffer dogs.


I guess he did have a point. I only have this heart monitor attached for 24 hours, so I thought I’d take it out for a test drive. There are two ways up that hill; the steep climb or the more gentle one – in order to give the monitor something to think about, I decided to take the steep climb up there. It was quite steep in places too and I had to stop twice to ‘admire the view’ – mind you, having become used to the flatlands of the Netherlands, the escalator into Sainsbury’s looks quite daunting!


A lovely walk along the top with great views of NoProblem XL down below and a Red Kite ridge soaring alongside me (I nearly took a decent photograph of it). I came down by a more gentle route as I didn’t fancy reversing the climb – I’d have had to slide down on my bum. The bluebells were fabulous in the sunshine.



Muttley was desperate to cool off and have a drink when we finished and, much as I considered joining him, I waited until reaching The Bounty before quenching my thirst. He had a big cuddle with G when we returned to the boat to complain about the nasty woman that dragged him around the countryside for nearly 3 hours (conveniently forgetting to mention the bit where he ate pork scratchings at the pub).


We’ve had some quite dramatic changes in weather recently which always makes for good photo opportunities


Tomorrow the heart monitor comes off and Sunday I get to see what the inside of my heart looks like. I’m discovering new bits of myself on a regular basis at the moment, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to share my heart with you! Because of all this ‘stuff’ going on at various hospitals in this area, we have postponed our move onto narrowboat Indigo Dream until Sunday lunchtime ish. We are all packed up and stowed away on the van ready to move Vic and Sue and all their stuff back to their home tomorrow – I suspect Saturday night might be party night; especially as it was Sue’s birthday today. Happy Birthday my friend.

11 Responses to “Brains, hearts and hill climbs”

  1. Kevin Too said

    Good to know that your grey matter is all intact and good working order… let’s hope that the rest of the results are the same xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • In an ideal world I would like them to find something minor that can be fixed with a month of drugs or something. The not knowing the cause and if/when/where/why it happens is a bit worrying and restrictive


  2. andywindy said

    Oh Jill, you have to be different, “Wear this Heart monitor and go about your daily business as usual” doesn’t mean Look for the steepest hill in the Thames Valley just to prove that you can climb it! Good to know that you have a normal looking brain though, I had an MRI scan on my head about 18 months ago and they reckon that I’ve got one too! I occasionally get very short but almost debilitating headaches, (not good when you’re a field service engineer) and the medication that they gave me is for severe period pains! It must work though, I haven’t had any period pains at all since!
    Give the Birthday Girl a Kiss on the cheek from me please, and good luck with your move.


    • Delighted to hear that you are not getting period pains! Are you still getting the headaches though?
      I impressed myself with climbing that hill – I’m not used to them anymore!


      • andywindy said

        I rarely get the Headaches now, though when they do come they are as bad as ever, but I only need one tablet to kill them for as much as a month.


  3. vallypee said

    Ah now this explains things a lot. I did laugh about the rucksack, but at least you’re slowly getting to the bottom of it (not the rucksack). I hope the explanation is simply fixed. I sometimes have blackouts, but it’s down to spells of very low blood pressure. Well done on the hill climb! I practise cycling over the big bridges in Rotterdam to remind myself of hills now and then 🙂 Happy moving! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • I, too, used to have very low blood pressure but now it’s healthy low as against, ‘is she dead?’ low.
      Always happy if I can make people laugh; but he was right, it’s not a good time to wander around with a wired rucksack.


  4. Anne Luard said

    Glad to hear the brain is ok. Good luck with the heart! Enjoy this lovely weather, it looks beautiful down there. X

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you all for your comments – struggling with wifi on the main computer at the moment. i can read (and thoroughly enjoy) your comments through the Facebook link; but it won’t let me respond


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